Article published the December 3, 2019
ABSTRACT This study aimed to assess macronutrient-specific energy utilisation efficiency (i.e., protein, lipid and carbohydrate) for growth in common carp (an omnivorous species) and barramundi (a carnivorous species) and to assess if species-specific differences exist in energy efficiency of digestible protein (dCP), digestible fat (dFat) and digestible carbohydrates (dCarb). This was achieved b ...
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News published on March 9, 2010
ANNE KRUGER, PRESENTER: Aquaculture might seem like a simple solution to the global decline in wild fish stocks. But the problem is the most popular farmed fish species need to eat fish or at least fish oil to get the healthy ingredients which make them such an important part of the human diet. Right now there's a global search for new sustainable alternatives and some of the most promising resea ...
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News published on February 1, 2010
Dr. Brett Glencross completed an Undergraduate Degree with a triple major in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology-Zoology, then did and Honours Degree in Biochemistry, and started a PhD on Pig Nutrition, but changed that to a MSc so he could start a new PhD on something that he was REALLY interested in: fish nutrition Which is the most debated issue nowadays in Aquaculture Nutrition? The fu ...
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