Article published the November 9, 2017
Background Immune system activation alters nutrient partitioning from deposition of body protein to production of immune molecules [1] and provokes inflammatory responses such as fever, inhibition of appetite and vomiting, which compromise the wellbeing and welfare of pigs [2, 3]. These responses are caused by release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and subsequent synthesis of the immunosuppressive ...
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Article published the August 28, 2014
I. INTRODUCTION Rapid assessment of the quality of feed ingredients is now crucial for the financial success of intensive livestock producers. A great deal is known about the nutrient requirements, factors determining feed intake and the negative impacts of anti-nutritional factors for all intensively reared livestock including poultry. Diets formulated for optimum performance and profitability n ...
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Article published the August 28, 2014
I. INTRODUCTION Cereal grains used by the poultry industry in Australia vary widely in available energy and protein content which is often reflected as variation in bird performance because standardised ingredient values are used for diet formulation. Rapid or real-time techniques for measuring the AME content of grains for birds will assist the purchase of grains at appropriate prices and the ac ...
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