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Take Home Messages   By-product feeds can provide nutritional and economic benefits for dairy managers. Pricing and positioning are key focus areas to consider. Several questions must be managed for on-farm success. Feed variation must be considered when building dairy rations using by-product feeds.     Introduction By-product feeds (also referred to as co-product feed ...
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Hello. Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Can you please suggest a diet using fruit residue in a TMR (total mix ration) so we can take our production to 15 liters per cow? Thanks a lot.
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Hello. We have a milk farm in colombia and are starting to feed our cows with fruit residue that we get from a local fruit plant. These fruit residues come from pineapple, banana, strawberry, melon and blackberries amongst others. Does your research on sugar include sugar from fruits? Or does it only apply to sugar syrup? Can we expect similar results using fruit? Thank you.
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