Article published the June 16, 2017
Background Spray dried plasma (SDP) is a protein rich product obtained from the industrial fractionation of blood from healthy animals. Blood is collected with an anticoagulant and centrifuged to separate the blood cells. Plasma is then concentrated and spray-dried under high pressure to achieve a minimum of 80 °C throughout its substance (Fig. 1). With this procedure, proteins preserve most ...
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Article published the June 1, 2017
Weaning is one of the most stress­ful periods in the life of a pig, resulting in lower feed intake, poorer growth, and higher morbidity and mortality, particularly during the first weeks after weaning or until the immune system has become more fully developed. Weaning is a stress, independent of weaning age, caused by the abrupt separation from the sow and by other stressors related to changes ...
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Article published the March 29, 2017
  Introduction Spray dried porcine plasma (SDPP) is a dehydrated product obtained from blood of healthy pigs collected at slaughterhouses. Spray dried porcine plasma is a protein source used in pig feed that has many functional components that significantly improves pig performance [1,2]. At a manufacturing plant, plasma is separated from red blood cells by centrifugation, concentrated and ...
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