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Michael: Great overview. Very useful information. Excellent fact-sheet. Thanks!
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Thanks, professor Michael Joseph, for keeping us awake on the preconditioning and extrusion principles...Is a very good overview useful to teach to our operators and apprentices...
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Fantastic overview.
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Good information. As always, the effects of preconditioning cannot really be divorced entirely from extrusion, which finishes the cooking process. And, ultimately, how all of this affects the end material is what matters.
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What Is Preconditioning?Preconditioning means to condition or prepare a material before it is processed further. In the context of extrusion processes, preconditioning occurs just prior to extrusion inside a piece of equipment called a preconditioner. The preconditioned raw material exits the preconditioner and moves into the extruder for further processing down the line.The dry raw material is co ...
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