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Two thoughts come to mind on this topic. 1. we need to be very clear whether we are talking about oxytocin as an obstetrical tool or as part of a farrowing induction protocol. In this case it sounds like you are focused on the former. 2. as an obstetrical tool don't forget that the sow still has the ability to release oxytocin with proper stimulation. Massaging of the udders will often cause the ...
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Long-term trends show productivity continues to improve in the U.S. swine industry."We've continued to get better at producing more pigs per sow, more pounds of pork per pig born, and we do that with less feed, with less health treatment, just through better management, better genetics," said Tim Safranski, University of Missouri associate professor and state swine breeding specialist. "We have mo ...
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Article published the August 24, 2010
Farrowing induction is a production tool that's been used for years in the swine industry. The basic concept is simple: Give an injection to reduce variation in timing of the birthing process such that it is most convenient for staff to attend farrowings. In practice it is somewhat more complicated. Ask yourself: What exactly is your objective? What compound(s) do you use to induce farrowing? When ...
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