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Article published the June 7, 2023
1. IntroductionStandardized ileal digestibility (SID) has become the accepted standard to measure amino acid (AA) digestibility (Stein et al., 2007a; Levesque et al., 2010). In nutrition, apparent ileal digestibility (AID) increases with dietary AA concentration while true ileal digestibility (TID) and SID are assumed to be independent of AA concentration (Stein et al., 2007a). The digestibility o ...
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Article published the June 7, 2023
IntroductionIncreasing use of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS), which contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids (UFA) such as n-6 UFA, alters the fatty acid (FA) profile of tissues in pigs to contain more UFA with a higher iodine value (IV) that results in soft fat pork (Cromwell et al., 2011; McClelland et al., 2012). Also, increased deposition of n-6 UFA in tissues may result i ...
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Article published the May 2, 2022
INTRODUCTION Antibiotics have given significant contributions to the human food production chain during their almost 80 years of use. Such contributions include a reduced incidence of bacterial disease, improved animal health status, and an overall enhancement in production efficiency (1, 2). However, due to concerns of antimicrobial resistance and its consequences to human health, the entire food ...
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News published on November 18, 2020
Woo Kyun Kim (associate professor and poultry nutritionist in the Department of Poultry Science, University of Georgia) will appear on December 8th at a live webinar where the main subject will be “The role of peptides in animal nutrition and health”. Michael Azain, also from the University of Georgia, and Tsung Cheng Tsai, from the University of Arkansas, will participate as well. ...
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