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Sir plz tell me homeopathic medicine for conserving . I have inseminate my lalkandhari cow for 10times but it will get on heat after 21 day .plz suggest homeopathic medicine for get pregnant.
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I have succeeded in treating warts of various sizes.. with the following homoeopathic remedies like.. Thuja 1M,Ant.crud1M,Sabina1M,Staphy.1M,Nitric acid1M,Calc.carb1M,Causticum1M, Dulcamara 1M.I took equal proportions of these 8 medicines and made a mix ...I gave this mix to the affected cow in the form of drops (8drops,1 dose)weekly in empty stomach.To my surprise,the warts have disappeared com ...
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It is a clear case of mastitis. It needs antibiotic both into udder and intramuscular injectionsHomeo alone is useless. You can combine both. Use homeo drugs like Phytolacca 30 Carboveg 30 Sulphur 30 Siicia 30 each 10 pills of 30 size 4 times a day.Orally it is preferred to use Mammedium (INTAS) or Mastiguard (Neo spark) or Mastibov D of Ratna biotech which has sodium citrate or sodium citrate at ...
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barinderjit sodhi phytolaka 1m carbon ani 1m borex 10m silacea 10m
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After 2-3 days calving, cow has been releasing more placenta in different colors and it is very painful for cow. Pl. Suggest me homeopathy medicine. Regards, Dr. Santosh Kumar
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