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What Is A 96 Well Plates?
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I also agree with Dr Abdul Quader.
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Very useful
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Author: ballyabio Just like humans, dairy cows are also prone to a number of infectious diseases and health conditions. Timely diagnosis of diseases and effective treatment strategy is very much important for the well-being animals and significant growth of dairy business. Overall profitability of the dairy business highly depends upon how you keep cows healthy and free from diseases. ANTIBIOTICS ...
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Heat stress refers to the sum of non-specific physiological responses of the organism at high temperature to any requirements of the thermal environment. The main factors causing heat stress are ambient temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, and airflow. It is judged that the heat stress of dairy cows is mainly reflected by temperature and humidity index (THI). When THI > 72, heat str ...
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Soybean hulls are a by-product of soybean oil processing, accounting for 10% of the total volume and 8% of the total weight of soybean. Soybean hulls are mainly the outer coating material of soybean, the color is beige or light yellow, the main components are cell wall and plant fiber. Molasses bean skin is a special product which is made by spraying concentrated soybean oligosaccharides onto soyb ...
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Molasses Bean Skin
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1. Introduction Aspergillus fumigatus is a saprophytic mold that plays an important ecological role as a decomposer, recycling carbon and nitrogen sources [1–3]. It is a ubiquitous fungus with a worldwide distribution, which can be detected in air and soil samples, and even on the International Space Station [4–7]. This ubiquity is because it is highly adaptive; able to colonize a wid ...
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Learn from Valentin Nenov, Global Species Manager Ruminants at Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, how after the drought of 2018, Phileo can help you to get the maximum from the diet using Actisaf® in cows, during Eurotier 2018
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Most soils in New Zealand are low in Se to various degrees, and an efficient supplementation of selenium is therefore crucial to maintain the reproductive and productive performances of animals. Listen to Triana Parker, Country Manager at BEC Feed Solutions. Trina will share her experience with her NZ customers on the use of Selisseo in ruminants with us.
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