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Introduction The optimal concentration of nutrients required by growing pigs generally decreases over the growing-finishing period with a phase feeding program used as an attempt to meet the needs of the pigs over the changing requirements. Thus, in commercial production, phase feeding is thought to improve economics and reduce nitrogen excretion by more closely meeting the pig’s nutrient r ...
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Dear Sushil Chandra, Thanks for your professional advice. Full fat soya for me presently is cheaper than maize for energy source. Maize price to full fat soya= #160 to #135. It's expedient for me now to use more that my formulation can accommodate while considering overall nutrients requirements of the broilers.
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Sushil Chandra , My inclusion for full fat soya for pre starter, starter, grower and finisher, are between 25-35% full far soya and I achieve fcr of 1.6 and sometimes less in climatic control housing system. Nutrition is one part in optimum performance of your birds but with combination of genetically proven birds and a conductive environment, you can achieve your result. Using high percentage of ...
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For several decades, Insta-Pro International has been well known around the world for dry extrusion, which we invented in the 1960’s.Dry extrusion was invented to process soybeans, and over the years, this process has been well researched. The advantages of this technique are the following: Thorough plant cell wall rupture, providing much improved access to nutrients Deactivation&nb ...
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Amin Nthanga Thank you,in most pellet operations, 5% fat level is always problematic because you want to fine grind your materials before pelleting. Using a screen size of 2000 microns or less has proven this. When you are formulating a starter diet for a broiler, energy requirement is between 2950-3000kcal ME/kg. To reach this energy level at exact calorie protein ratio, an ingredient rich in fa ...
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Dry extruded whole soybeans known as Full fat soya has good amino acids profile. it can be used at 25-35% inclusion rate in commercial broilers. Birds utilize the full fat soya and express it in the overall performance because of the digestibility. Cost of feed will be reduced due to the high energy content of full fat soya and presence of the oil will reduce the dustiness of the feed in mash form ...
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