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Daniel Berckmans thanks for sending sir
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My interest is to understand where Precision Livestock Monitoring can help to guard animal health in a preventive way.
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Christina Loiacono (NAHLN) explained the history, purpose and methods of this organization, during 2019 NIAA Annual Conference: Animal Agriculture - Innovation, Technology and Consumer Engagement in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
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IntroductionMuch information is given (Willem Van Cotthem, 2012) on Opuntia ficus-indicaasan aloes. In Arabic is called Sabr, Teen Shoky, Teen Barbary, Hendy, Hendia, or Barshomy. It could be used commercially and industrially in treatment of some diseases (eyes, face, bone, prostate, colon, stomach, and intestine) and in cosmetic manufactures. It is a permanent plant grows in arid zones and toler ...
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Olivier Decamp (INVE Aquaculture) shared with Engormix this presentation on the main challenges of the industry -such as diseases, production and feed costs-, and the possible solutions.
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Dear Ramon, Yes, efficient aeration using nano bubble aeration will help promote the proliferation of beneficial aerobic enzymes and bacteria to live in an aquatic environment. beneficial aerobic enzymes and bacteria will naturally reduce organic loads in an aquatic environment. I think the air bubbles really nano , implodes and transfer the gas to the medium, and the rest rises and burst on the s ...
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