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Dear Heather, How is it different from a proteinate chelate and how do you see an amino acid chelate as compared to a proteinate in terms of Bond strength Molecule size Absorption/bioavailablility Doseage Please share your thoughts. Regards, Shahzaib
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Antagonisms are organisms and processes within the animal that negatively impact nutrient absorption, with the ability to impact animal protein production in a number of ways. Hear what Dr. Heather Tucker, Ruminant Nutrition Research Manager at Novus International, has to say about it and how to combat antagonism with Mintrex, a bis-chelated mineral
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Dear Claudia, Hope you would be fine. Just wanted to know if you have conducted comparative trials of Mepron with other bypass amino acids products available in the market and what were the results if you have done any trials? No doubt Mepron is an excellent product but there are other products available in market that are equally good and cost effective as well. Would you please like to shed l ...
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Research conducted at the US Dairy Forage Research Center in Madison (WI) has shown the potential for improving milk nitrogen (N) efficiency by more than 20 % through balancing amino acids and reducing crude protein levels fed. Milk nitrogen efficiency is a measure of how much of the protein (hence nitrogen) fed appears in milk versus being wasted and posing environmental challenges.Experimental D ...
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Izhar Ali this is a very good question but not one that is easily answered I'm afraid. Mixing order is affected by four things, in my opinion - ingredients used, ingredient form, mixing and processing equipment and operator ability.Ingredients, particularly forages are variable, particularly when it comes to particle size or chop. This also varies depending on the intended outcome or average parti ...
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Thank you Claudia. Appreciated
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Dear Claudia, what's your take on using a methionine analogue, any down side to it? How do you compare it with pure methionine when the analogue is a precursor of L-Methionine and has a bypass value as well. Also Mepron is a source of Protected DL-Methionine or is it just L-Methionine? Because D has to be converted to L-Methionine for absorption in the small intestine. Correct me if i am wrong ...
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Sir, can you please share the concentration/percentage of niacin in protected niacin product with which you had carried out the trial? This would help us determine the dose of the products available with us when compared to simple niacin.Regards.
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