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Even with the ideal levels of essential amino acids in a diet, as crude protein is lowered, the levels of other "non-essential" amino acids, e.g. glycine, may drop below the optimal levels for animal performance. However, direct supplementation with glycine has been shown to affect gut microbiome, immune response gene expression, and serum concentrations of various amino acids ( ...
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It should be noted that betaine is a direct methyl donor and choline in the process of producing betaine produces a by-product called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine causes a feeling of tiredness. Excretion of acetylcholine is done with the help of arginine, and the combination of arginine and acetylcholine and excretion of acetylcholine reduces arginine. Arginine deficiency means reduced immunity an ...
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The explanation was excellent and I enjoyed it
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In my opinion, the heaviest indoor gas is carbon dioxide. If we install a carbon dioxide sensor in the cells, we will be comfortable with ammonia.
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High ammonia affects broilers in many ways. Research has shown that ammonia concentrations as low as 25 ppm can reduce bird weights at 28 days of age by two to seven percent while 50 ppm ammonia has been shown to reduce bird weights from 16 and 19 percent (F.N. Reece et. al., 1980, D.M. Miles, et. al., 2004). Ammonia exposure has also been shown to reduce feed conversion by approximately one point ...
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