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Catfish & Pungasius are wild and carnivorous types of fishes. They are highly resistant to diseases compared to common carp like catla & rohu. Generally 3 to 4 types of diseases occur in these varieties of fishes. 1) Skin tearing occurs on the head region. Skin turns turns white and becomes loose from body tissues. 2) Reddish spots on Gill region & below the mouth region. 3) EUDS- In this, red co ...
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Infectious Diseases: The infectious diseases are further classified into 6 types based on the type of external organism causing it. They are 1. Bacterial Diseases 2. Viral diseases (Not found in India) 3. Fungal Diseases 4. Protozoal Diseases 5. Crustacean Diseases 6. Helminth Diseases 1. BACTERIAL DISEASES: a) COLUMNARIS: Reddish Peripheral zones on the fish body and hemorrhagic ulcers. caused ...
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There are lot of Fish Diseases in the Indian subcontinent regionBut most prevailing are classified into:1) Infectious Diseases2) Non-Infectious Diseases3) Viral DiseasesBut in India, Viral diseases in fish are not noticed due to the high temperatures.Infectious Diseases are mainly caused due to the disease outbreak by external microbial organisms.Non-Infectious are caused due to the deficiencies o ...
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