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Daya Shanker Kushwaha Thank you for your comment. Keep in mind Creamino is a source of cellular energy and not protein even though it does have an arginine sparing effect. Energy is required for muscle cells to function properly but it is also required to assimilate protein into muscle. As long as protein and amino acid levels are adequate in the diet, you will see benefits from Creamino. It ...
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Robert Alber, taking advantage of his knowledge on the subject, for the sake of clarification I would like to make some considerations about the use of creatine in pig nutrition; FIRST; knowing that pigs have the ability to synthesize creatine from some percussive amino acids, including arginine and methionine, and that their greatest reserve is in skeletal muscle. Having adequate levels of these ...
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David Nelson Sir it is quite interesting of using creatin in the broiler feed. Till now we have seen this being used by athletes for heavy muscle building ..But already there is heavy protein diet is being given and would broiler be able to digest it or will be able to give more fruitful result ....Well I am happy knowing that it is another research for poultry future...
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Juarez Donzele , Thank you very much for your comments and I have added more details. 1) Having adequate levels of arginine and glycine in the diet is important in endogenous synthesis of creatine, however, the AGAT pathway acts as a gatekeeper or regulator of endogenous synthesis. Creamino bypasses the AGAT pathway and allows for an increase in muscle creatine levels of 25-30% over what can be ...
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Sataluri Satagopa Raja Ayyangar Absolutely agree with you Mr. Sataluri. It becomes prudent for us, however, to scientifically validate herbal products based on their phytochemicals and their mechanism of action, which NRPL is heavily invested in. We hope to revolutionize the herbal industry by bringing in new perspectives with respect to science and technology rather than the traditional ayurvedic ...
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Dwar, this paper revised our basic knowledge; please you must also include the interactions of vitamins, as well as with minerals too.
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Is ß-mannanase enzyme is an alternative to improve gut health in the monogastric diet? Find out what Dr. Daniel Sohn, chief consultant at Sohn Marketing & Technology (SMT) said about this during Novus KOLEM 2019, held at Novus headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
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Nice depiction of Rovabio... Easy to understand.
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Concerns exist as to whether use of phytase enzymes in poultry feed lead to decrease feed intake during excessive heat, characteristic of the summer months. Reduction of phytase reduces intake of calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals which are important in eggshell formation and resistance. Jones in 2012 reported that significant loss of phytase activity during steam conditioning and pelleting of ...
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