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Dear Dr.Ram , Thank you very much for the content. I will try and fetch the journal you suggested. Appreciated. Have a great day
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Dear Suresh Kumar BV, some samples from Bihar (India) were analysed for the presence of aflatoxins (Individual and total). The abstract of the paper published:Singh, R. and Shrivastav, A.K. 2011. Occurrence of aflatoxins in maize feed in Bihar. Indian Journal of Poultry Science, 46(3):341-345, is given below: One hundred twenty maize samples were collected from Samastipur District of Bihar around ...
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Monitoring of mycotoxins contamination in maize is very important. In India, analysis of maize samples revealed high level of mycotoxins contamination, particularly aflatoxins.
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Thank you Dr.Ram for your references. Will it be possible for you to share some research work on Poultry raw material feeds , such as Corn ? , Have a great day
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Carlos A. Mallmann, Thank you for your response. From you response may i assume that you have a process in place to predict/check Micotoxin Risk in raw materials using NIR (which are used for poultry feeds), is my understanding to correct ? If yes, can you provide some reading material for the same?
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Dear Carlos,Can you provide more insights on how NIR technology helps in screening Mycotoxins in feeds ex. Poultry?
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