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So how can we optimize the level of inflammation that is suitable for this process? It seems that nature will regulate it. We need to elucidate the molecular mechanism to make it clear.
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Calf hood disease is really concering in our country. It is now one of the biggest challange for the farmer. This review is prcisely written and really helpful for those who are involved with this industry. Thanks for the authors.
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This is an informative and really important article in the area of calf health management. New born calf health management is a critical issue for economically viable dairy or beef farming. This article shows some potential ways for controlling diseases. So I think it will be helpful for veterinarian, calf health management personnel. I would like to thank the authors for their contribution.
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Its an excellent outline about Biosecurity. I hope it will work.
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This is an excellent article which is helpful for dairy practitioners.
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