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Water quality is determined by some variables like temperature, transparency, turbidity, water colour, carbon dioxide, pH, alkalinity, hardness, unionized ammonia (NH3), nitrite and nitrate (Saeed, 2013; Saeed and Abdel-Mageed, 2011; Chandra Das et al., 2005). For improving water quality and decreasing ammonia toxicity, there are several possible methods including zeolite addition (U.S.EPA, 2007; ...
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Zeolite Utilization for Aquaculture Naturally, the poisons in the pond water consist of : · Most result of bio-chemicals organism reaction are Ammonium (NH4+), Ammonia (NH3), H2S, CO2, Nitrate (NO3), and Nitrite (NO2) · The result of chemical reaction of the elements in the pond's bottom such as Pyrite (Fe2SO4), H2S, Sulfate, Sulfite and Heavy elements (Pb, Cu, Zn) · The waste ...
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