Bsc (Bzc) Nagarjuna university
I have got 18 years experience in aqua culture, forming, feed marketing and Aqua culture medicin marketing. Still i am working in as a REGIONAL MANGER in Aqua Life immunes pvt ltd SECUNDERABAD.
Bsc (Bzc) Nagarjuna university
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1. Introduction Nanotechnology involves the characterization, fabrication of structures, materials or particles that have at least 1–100 nm in length. The field of nanotechnology is one of the most active research areas in modern materials science. Nanoparticle research is an ever-increasing scientific research interest, especially over the last couple of decades. The most effectively studi ...
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Have any importer in India
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Let us know the product performance on different species of fish and shell fish. - Products range- Cost of the products- Supply from India
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Sir, Indian aqua industry suffering with White gut and white fecal matter, so these reasons choose best remedy for white gut problem.
Philippe TACON, Regional Sales & Technical Manager, South-East Asia for Phileo Lesaffre, speaks about the problems and challenges that companies face in that region, and how Phileo can help the producers to solve some problem with innovative products in aquaculture.
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November 30, 2018
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