Article published the June 3, 2019
Introduction The mycotoxic nephropathy (MN) is a renal disorder caused by alimentary ingestion of secondary fungal metabolites possessing nephrotoxic properties and encountered in feeds/foods/forages made mainly from cereals or fibrous plants, and kept in storehouse conditions and increased humidity. Since its discovering the disease has been described using various names: nephrosis provoked by m ...
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Article published the January 30, 2019
1. Introduction Mycotoxic nephropathy (MN), which is widely encountered renal disease all over the world, is usually a renal disorder caused by alimentary ingestion of some nephrotoxic mycotoxins. Ochratoxin A (OTA) is considered to be the most important mycotoxin provoking this nephropathy. However, this nephropathy was recently found to have much complicated pathology and etiology in some count ...
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