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Go Vardhan
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IntroductionAquaculture is the fastest growing sector of food production, comprising almost 50 % of fish aimed at human consumption worldwide. It is estimated that aquaculture production should be two and a half order of magnitude by 2030 to keep up current levels of per capita consumption. Aquatic animals such as finfish, crustaceans and molluscs are particularly susceptible to a b ...
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Phytoplankton are the key food item in both aquaculture and mariculture. Both systems are utilizing phytoplankton as food for the animals being farmed. In aquaculture, phytoplankton must be obtained and developed artificially through various adapted procedures. The plankton population in form of desirable bloom undertaken throughout the culture period as part of best pond management practice. Phyt ...
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INTRODUCTIONShrimp culture is now days developed intensively with upgraded technology for higher and successful production. In many occasions shrimp culture are affected by various diseases and experienced in loss of crop or reduced the production level by various reasons. Intensive and semi -intensive aqua farming accompanies several disease problems often due to opportunistic pathogens as eviden ...
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1. IntroductionAquaculture production has grown enormously in recent years and among that Penaeid shrimps are one of the most important cultured species worldwide especially in Asia due to their high economic value and export .A new shrimp species Litopenaeus vannamei species introduced and culture practice has been carried out  in many coastal states of India last few years. Presently it is ...
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