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Muhammad Farooq Don’t you think we here in Pakistan don’t follow AGP free diets strictly so it’s hard to observe noticeable difference over cost?
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One common mistake is to refer to the fact that an enzyme, when added on top of others, will still show benefit (performance, digestibility, etc.) as synergy. Synergy is a special situation that is best represented by the equation 1 + 1 = 3. In other words, when you add the second enzyme you would get more than the sum of their individual effects. In most cases, as in the discussion above on prote ...
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Interesting and illuminating subject on the action of yeast cell wall on the immune system of birds. It is clearly understood that the positive effects of the yeast would be related to the presence of the MOS and the branched B-glucan present in its composition. Taking advantage of your knowledge on the subject, I would like to make some considerations that I deem appropriate. I believe that ...
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Hi RafaelYes, exactly. I suspect we are simply releasing oligosaccharides in such quantities that they cannot be quantitatively fermented to produce the increments in VFAs we see in the caeca, rather they act as a signal to the caecal microbiome to start producing their own xylanases/cellulases to digest the xylan fibre more effectively. Have a look at our abstract in this year's PSA meeting (Bedf ...
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