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Introduction Brazilian egg production is based on intensive farming systems, which ensure greater yield in a smaller physical space. However, it favors the development of arthropod pests, such as the red mite Dermanyssus gallinae (De Geer) (Acari, Dermanyssidae). This mite feeds on poultry, causing weight loss, reduced egg production, blood spoliation anemia and, in more severe cases, death. ...
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I have been working with entomopathogenic fungi since 1988. I have never see negative results with this microrganisms. According to Zimmermann (2007): “Based on the present knowledge it is concluded that Beauveria species are considered to be safe.” ZIMMERMANN, G.. Review on safety of the entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana and Beauveria brongniartii. Biocontrol Science and Technology, 200 ...
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It was reported by the authors that the use of B. bassiana poses no risk to birds or humans. Today there is a big concern and global discussion regarding the harmful action of insecticides on pollinating bees. What is the risk of using Bb for other insects on nature, including bees?
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Can the alternative use of biological control restore the activity of chemical molecules?
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The fungus has direct impact in the lesser mealworm population reduction. It acts on both resistant and non-insecticide resistant insects. So, it is an alternative to restore the activity of chemical molecules. We believe it is a great tool for the management of insecticide resistance in the population of the lesser mealworm.
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