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Vijay Moond
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Since mid-1980s fertility of UK dairy herds has declined year-on-year as is evidenced by the current calving interval of around 420 days. To put it into perspective, NMR in 2010 estimated the cost of fertility in an average dairy herd of 100 cows was around £25,000 per year. This included lost milk output, excessive culling and attendant veterinary costs. It is argued that genetic selection ...
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More than 85-90% of the forage’s fiber could be degraded in a well working rumen.The forage fiber characteristics represent the key point to improve feed efficiency, considering their effects on diet digestibility, dry matter intake and ruminal fermentation pattern control.The fiber “entity”The original neutral detergent fiber (NDF) determination changed during the time; up to da ...
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Selenium along with vitamin E are very crucial and play very important role in improving anti-oxidant status of dairy cows. Selenium should be in the organic form as seleno methionine and seleno cysteine. When fed in combination, according to one study conducted by us, it significantly improved glutathione peroxidase activity, FRAP value, IGg, IGm, IGa, milk fat, milk protein and FCM (4%). When se ...
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ActiSaf Sc 47 Std. is stable at pelleting temperature. This was tested by me by performing a simple test in QC lab. Two one liter capacity beakers were taken. To each beaker, 500 ml water and 50 g sugar was added. The content were boiled and cooled to room temperature. In one beaker, 50 g pelleted feed without ActiSaf Std. was added, while in other beaker 50 g pelleted feed containing ActiSaf Std. ...
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Oxidation-reduction or simply redox reactions are an important class of chemical reactions encountered in many biological media. Redox reactions occur in living or- ganisms and are indeed essential to life. They are mainly involved in metabolic path- ways to generate energy in the form of free energies. In all living organisms, including microbes, metabolism can be thermodynamically driven by diff ...
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(Video in French) Maxime Briche, Ruminant Technical Support at Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, points out the befits of using Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ new generation: from heat resistance to multifactorial resistance, in Eurotier 2018.
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Thanks for showing interest in Actisaf, now Phileo by Lesaffre directly marketed .
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It is well known and understood that supplementation of bypass fat, especially during the early stage of lactation when the milch animals are in negative energy balance, helps improving milk quality, quantity as well as fertility. Of course, the blend of fatty acids in bypass fat is critical.But I would like to mention here the important role played by rumen protected Omega fatty acids in improvin ...
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