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Colleagues, we urgently need the advice of a specialist in the production of extruded fish feed. We are ready to disband the flight, accommodation and services for the training (5-6 days). The deadline for submitting an application is very short. I hope for your understanding.
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Good afternoon colleague. I ask your help in developing the formula for feed for fish that are grown in the water recycling system. We have a single screw extruder. We plan to start producing feeds that will not contaminate biofilters and are maximally assimilated by fish.
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Denis Dimovski To do sinking pellets you need: 1. To have a technological opening in the penultimate section of the extruder. 2. Modification of the screws must be assembled for sinking feeds. 3. The area of the holes in the matrix must meet the requirements of sinking feed. 4. Composition of the recipe table. 5. Production technology in general. In a complex, these measures will make your pellet ...
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Good day, Denis! What is your extruder model? Do you have a technological hole to drain excess pressure?
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And in what proportions is lignin sulfonate added? Does it harm the health of hydrobionts?
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Rene Cibrian Dear Rene, thank you for your recommendation. We did as you recommended and the quality of the granule improved noticeably. Especially the appearance. Also, we constantly grind the inner surface of the die holes. From prolonged work they wear out and spoil the surface of the granule. But as before, we can not achieve water resistance over 4 hours. Tell me please what kind of binder i ...
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Dear Rene Cibrian.Thank you for your comment. We will try later.
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Dear Denizzo,To produce aquatic feed pellet requires to activate all gelatinization as possible and might have to add some binder to keep pellets in good shape under the water.The standard requirements are: Get less than 300 microns particle size from post grinder, use at least +90 seconds retention time at conditioner (output would be up 80°C), then increase the die compression at least ...
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Sorry, not the air conditioner, but the pre-conditioner
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