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Dear Shihan,As mentioned previously in this discussion, your issue is most likely related to Vibrio spp. bacteria, potentially to Vibrio harveyi. In general, you have two options to tackle the disease, via a disinfectant for the water... or via an antimicrobial additive via the feed. If you'd like to do the approach via feed, which will help the shrimp rather than trying to establish a "luminous f ...
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Thanks Dr. Cristina
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Dear Cristina Garcia Diez, How did you come up 3-5 kg/tonne value? Why should one not use less than 3 kg/ tonne? And since there is a decrease in the survival rate of shrimps on using 8 kg/tonne, can this phytobiotic be toxic? Did you analyse the toxicity of your compound?
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Dear Subashni Bhoopathy,I Think Dr. Niti used fish oil to bind the feed with our phytobiotic.About the FCR, these prebiotics are immunostimulants helping the animal grow better and more efficiently, the better health has the shrimp the better will eat, therefore nutrient absorption is more effective and so the animal grows faster, improving zootechnical parameters as FCR, ABW, SV.Regards,
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What binders have you used to reduce the leaching of phytobiotic? Also how can the reduction in FCR be interpreted on comparision to the control?
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A phytobiotic was able to reduce Vibrio counts in intestine and hepatopancreas leading to an increase in survival and better health.Shrimp farming is growing very fast in recent years, due to the high profit margins which present a good opportunity for those with interest in this sector. In Asia the production of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) was more than 3 million tonnes in 20 ...
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