Article published the October 4, 2018
Poultry Industry in Egypt has made rapid progress in the last four decades. Its development has not only been in size but also in productivity, technology and quality of its products. The Egyptian Poultry Industry provides direct and indirect employment to over than five million people. Through a well-planned indigenization and acclimatization, the productivity has been improved systematically to ...
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Article published the September 4, 2018
Water is life and there is no life without it. Similarly, poultry has no life without water. It represents 85% of the weight of the chick, 75% of the weight of the egg and 65% of the weight of the chicken. And the chicken drinks more than double the amount of feed it eats and if the amount of water provided to poultry decreases, the production of eggs decreases directly and stops completely if the ...
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Article published the April 5, 2018
Ventilation is one of the most important principles of raising broiler chickens in farms, which is the only key to reduce the respiratory problems of the bird and to reach the highest productivity and the highest conversion rate. Ventilation is an important factor that controls the productive performance of birds. Poor ventilation leads to low weight and food conversion rate, as well as respirato ...
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Ashac Consultancy Hi Ashac . To take correct titers for Newcastle disease you have to take blood samples not less than three weeks after vaccination with dead vaccine and 7 to 10 days after vaccination with live vaccines.
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Seyed JavadMoosavi We can discuss this in a new article
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Kasame Trakullerswilai Thank you for your good contribution
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Article published the December 5, 2017
The poultry industry has experienced unprecedented growth in size and rapid growth. However, the poultry industry faces a narrow margin of profit as well as the risks that cause the weakness of the safety cycle. Especially after the intensive concentration of poultry farms and after the obsolete concept of the use of antibiotics as a panacea, as it did not realize that antibiotics have deteriorate ...
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Article published the November 6, 2017
The poultry industry constitutes a significant sector of Egypt agriculture. In Egypt, millions of birds are produced yearly with a value exceeding LE 60 billion. Broiler chickens are the largest segment of the industry. Birds raised under commercial conditions are vulnerable to environmental exposure to a number of diseases. Therefore, disease prevention by vaccination is an important part of floc ...
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