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The weather constitutes a complex system, which acts upon the bird & exert various detrimental effects on neuroendocrine, cardiorespiratory system. Rearing birds out of their thermal comfort zone could mean failing to leverage full genetic potential. Poultry production in the tropical and subtropical regions having biggest environmental challenge is heat stress which could reduce productivity ...
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“Managing hyperprolific sows in Asia” has been the motto of the Performance 2017 which took place on March 14th in 2017 in Bangkok. The by-invitation-only conference was attended by 180 industry leaders from all over Asia. Dr. Piet van der Aar, Managing Director of Schothorst Feed Research opened the 1 day seminar with his presentation on “A review of the Asian situation: clar ...
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Peter Ferket, Professor at North Carolina State University, explained the benefits of coarse corn in feed conversion, gut health and more. Also, Ferket detailed the activities of the NC State Poultry Science Department, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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Unfortunately,  the roles of amino acid (AA) in nutrition and metabolism have long been neglected, until the conclusion that the AA glutamine is important for intestinal mucosal integrity and AA arginine is a prerequisite for maximum embryonic development and optimum neonatal growth (Wu, 2010). Traditionally, Amino acids (AA) were classified as nutritionally essential or nonessential for anim ...
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