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Elizabeth Parker (Texas A&M University) talked about several of these diseases and the actions to fight them, during the 2019 NIAA Annual Conference: Animal Agriculture - Innovation, Technology and Consumer Engagement in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
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Apart from the above points you can also add that simple human errors during feed mixing can influence the expected content of phytase. Too much confidence in the mixing equipment may also cause unexpected phytase levels in the final feed. Incorrect storage of the phytase product may also lower the expected phytase activity in the final feed. The phytase products´ particle size and particle size d ...
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  1. Introduction Modern American agriculture has become successful in producing food security despite having less than 1% of the US population actually listing farming as their occupation [1]. The US Census of Agriculture estimates that 8.6 billion broiler chickens, 107 million turkeys, 96 million beef cattle, and 68 million pigs were sold for meat in 2007 with an additional 350 million la ...
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Dr. Guillaume Tabouret, Principal Investigator at National Institute of Agricultural Research, France, talks to us during Phileo's Global Ruminant Symposium on Health & Management in Toulouse, France.
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Ben Letor, Director for Innovad, speaks about the ESCENT® technology during the VIV Asia 2017, in Thailand. ESCENT® was developed with the Ghent University in Belgium and this kit product consists of a range of wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service.
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