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Improving poultry meat quality along with cutting down the cost of production has been one of the major objectives of most farmers and nutritionists. To achieve this objective, several strategies have been adopted, one of which is dietary energy management. Energy is the foremost important and largest part of poultry feed. This energy is either comes from grains like corn, wheat, soy, etc or throu ...
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The potato protein market is estimated to procure steady growth supported by robust demand for high nutritional, plant-based protein supplements. Consumers are steadily gravitating towards highly nutritious diet and are well-informed about the minimum levels of daily protein requirements. Rising environmental concerns have led people to adopt a vegan diet, which is fueling the demand for plant-bas ...
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A. ANIMAL FACTORS B. PLANT FACTORS C. PREPARATION OF FEED A. ANIMAL FACTORS 1. Species Roughages high in crude fibre are better digested by ruminants than by non-ruminants due to the pre-gastric fermentative digestion that occurs in the ruminants. In several non-ruminants, post-gastric fermentative digestion occurs which helps in digestion of crude fibre. Pre-gastric fermentative d ...
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