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INTRODUCTION Yeast derivatives (YD) are widely used in animal nutrition as natural additives. YD contain glucomannoproteins, betaglucans and nucleotides complex derived by acid hydrolysis of the cell wall of yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae. YD can bind and inhibit pathogen bacteria like Salmonella Spp, Clostridium Spp and E. Coli, therefore promoting growth of beneficial gut bacteria. YD have bee ...
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The intestinal mucosa possesses an extensive surface area and is exposed to a large and diverse number of microorganisms and potentially antigenic proteins throughout the lifetime of a pig. The mucosal epithelium is capable of assimilating vital nutrients while simultaneously excluding ingested pathogens and other harmful materials. In mature swine, an array of gastrointestinal defense processes a ...
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Those who provide daily care for animals in production agriculture are acutely aware of the importance of animal health. From an economic perspective, as record systems (both performance and financial) used in animal agriculture have become markedly more sophisticated during the last two decades, they have increasingly shown the importance of keeping animals healthy for the economic strength of th ...
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