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Prof. Gaber, The diagnosis of mastitis or sub-clinical mastitis is very important to prevent it to reach the clinical stage. We have developed a very handy kit which can be easily used in field condition also. It is named as Mastrip. this is a pH indicator test based on bromothymol blue. It detects changes in the pH value in milk. Usually, in mastitis the concentration of lactose and casein in the ...
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Giang Vu Duy Professor of Animal Nutrition Gac is grown in Vietnam (gac fruit: Momordica cochinchinensis). Lycopene is abundant in gac, lycopene content in gac is 2-3 times higher than that of tomatoes. However, I do not know how one can separate lycopene from gac and refine it into a feed additive to supplement in the chicken diets.
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