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People are thinking air filtration will keep bacteria n virus level low, and improve the health of the birds. Bacteria n virus enter through water, feed, insects, rodents, air, workers, visiting supervisor s, managers n veterinarians, chicks suppliers, vaccines used etc. Air filterstion is no solution for reducing the bacteria n virus population in the poultry house.
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Maintenance and nutrition of breeding flock are important to get optimal production of hatching eggs and healthy chicks for future performance. I appreciate the findings of Novus international.
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Introduction.Maintaining drinking water quality for poultry is an important nutritional aspect as birds consume water at twice the level of feed. One prime factor that determines the wholesomeness of water is its microbial quality. Therefore, it should be of primary concern for production personnel and poultry producers to know the microbial quality of water supplies provided to their birds and co ...
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Hello Murray great article
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MUKHTAR AHMAD: Thank you for the question. Duration of semen storage and subsequent fertility is dependent on the experience of the crew handling the semen and inseminating the hens. With the proper semen diluent and under the right storage conditions, diluted chicken or turkey semen can be stored for 4 hr at around 10C without a negative impact on hen fertility. There are numerous commercially ...
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Under respiratory alkalosis, there is poor calcium metabolism leading to poor shell formation.The best way to tackle heat stress is to apply cooling strategies like cold water during the heat hours and external cooling effect like fans, water foggers etc. Betaine, Bicarbonates and Vitamin C works within thermoneutral zone. ExternalTemperatures above thermoneutral zones leads to deaths. Decongestin ...
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Dear Dr.Zeeshan, betaine is natural osmolyte substance. It hold the water inside the cells. Paralelly betaine reduced fat content and increased meat content in broilers. Saudi Arabia poultry farms use betain against heat stress in high doses, till 2 kg/tonn of feed, according to recommendations of Danisco Animal Nutrition/DuPont Biotechnologies. Of course, other methods against heat stress, like s ...
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Thanks my colleagues for your valuable information and I suggest that you can use Vitamin C in water and using cold water also at same time in open houses beside soudium bicarbonate in feed. In broilers, you have to remove the feed during hot hours (almost from 10 am to 4 pm) to reduce bird’s stress due to heat increment (due to digestion and metabolism). Regards S A Elsafty Prof. of Poultry Prod ...
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Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenko Betaine quality matters in Asian Markets as most of the farmers are not educated and prefers cost comparing as cheap China products are on shelves . Difference between Betaine if any should be highlighted
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When a clostridial infection is underway then enzymes are likely not going to help. In this case veterinarian advice may be needed. However, if clostridial infection is a concern or has been in the past then enzymes can play a role in mitigation of the risks i.e. they are not a cure but may be a preventative measure if deployed prophylactically. Several mechanisms may be of importance here: (1) Ma ...
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