Article published the December 27, 2018
Biomarker is a biological molecule found in body fluid and other tissues. Biomarkers are beneficial for accessing the health condition of human and animals. Identification and estimation of biomarkers become prominence due to the development of modern technologies in the field of health science. There are varieties of biomolecules representing different physiological and pathological conditions of ...
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Article published the December 27, 2018
Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are a large family of proteins found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. These are induced when a cell undergoes various types of environmental stresses so also, called as “stress protein”. The DNA sequence that makes up this family of genes is highly conserved across species. It is a group of binding proteins with a molecular weight of about 10 to 150 kD. HS ...
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Article published the August 30, 2018
INTRODUCTION Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, moisture and ozone contribute to climate change and global warming by absorbing light energy in visible and infrared region (Lashof and Ahuja, 1990). Among green house gases methane is the second most important gas after CO2 which contributes to global warming (Van Nevel and Demeyer, 1996; IPCC, 2007). Methane makes up ...
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Article published the November 11, 2016
INTRODUCTION The rumen ecosystem comprises a complex of dense microbial communities of bacteria, methanogens, protozoa, fungi and bacteriophages. Bacteriophage forms a closely integrated ecological unit with each other and the host animal, as well as playing a vital role in the nutritional, physiological, immunological and protective functions of the host and provides a variety of nutritional and ...
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