Article published the June 3, 2022
1. IntroductionThe microbiota plays important roles on the maturation of the intestine and immune system and consequently affects the health of the host [1,2]. The physicochemical properties and the direct interaction with intestinal cells lead to a distinguishable composition of the microbiota along the gastrointestinal tract [3–5]. The microbiota in the intestinal lumen is more related to ...
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Peter Ferket, Professor at North Carolina State University, explained the benefits of coarse corn in feed conversion, gut health and more. Also, Ferket detailed the activities of the NC State Poultry Science Department, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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  Immunometabolism The interface of the immune system and metabolism is an emerging field of study. Relatively recently, immunity and metabolism were treated as distinct processes carried out by an organism. Immunity was focused on the recognition and resistance to a pathogen and involved its own set of cells and tissue activities. Metabolism was solely the chemical processes that provided ...
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