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MG is considered a serious economic threat in poultry.All branches can become infected at any age and broilers are among the most affected as the commercial conditions and rapid growth promote the susceptibility of the birds to the MG infection and secondary E coli severe CRD complication.Layers and breeders may suffer from a very light drop in egg production, but in breeders the MG is transmitted ...
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Mostly mycoplasma is vertical so initial doses with tylosin on 3d to 5th day follows tilmycosin with ctc and terra mycein la inj with cefoparazone on 20 days is useful as preventive measure.
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Sachin Patil The F-vax in the United States has changed over the years and now is very non-reactive compared to the past. in 2000, 1/4 of a dose of F-vax by water or spray would result in respiratory signs and 100% seroconversion. In 2010, a full dose of F-vax by spray produced no respiratory reaction and 30 to 40% positive seroconversion. Our producers now have gone to the eyedrop method of appli ...
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Dear Sir,Herewith I am mentioning all the advantages and disadvantages of the MG/MS vaccination in poultry and points to remembering before vaccination, please have a look-Control by vaccines1. Killed/Inactivated vaccines- These are M. gallisepticum killed organisms with oil emulsion adjuvants to protect the birds from infection with virulent M. gallisepticum .- Several adjuvant enhanced bacterin ...
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Introduction Antibiotics have been widely used in animal production for decades. Although some are used therapeutically to improve the health and wellbeing of animals, most were given for prophylactic purposes and to improve growth rate and FCR efficiency. However, due to the emergence of microbes resistant to antibiotics, which are used to treat human and animal infections, the European Commissi ...
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