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A phytobiotic was able to reduce Vibrio counts in intestine and hepatopancreas leading to an increase in survival and better health. Shrimp farming is growing very fast in recent years, due to the high profit margins which present a good opportunity for those with interest in this sector. In Asia the production of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) was more than 3 million tonnes in ...
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Hello Hoang,LIptosa is a Spanish manufacturer of additives phytobiotics and Liptoaqua is the aqua department. Our additives are natural growth promotors and immunostimulants working on gut health through prebiotics. We manufacture tailor made additives for each species and pathology. We have phytobiotics for fish and shrimp regarding the different pathologies: bacteria (gram + and -), intracellula ...
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INTRODUCTION Shrimp culture is now days developed intensively with upgraded technology for higher and successful production. In many occasions shrimp culture are affected by various diseases and experienced in loss of crop or reduced the production level by various reasons. Intensive and semi -intensive aqua farming accompanies several disease problems often due to opportunistic pathogens as evid ...
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