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Would Bacillus subtilis 29784 develop spores outside of d bird's bodies? or how are the spores develop?
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I am impressed by the knowledge and what Ray Valencia shared. We are among the pioneers of the zeolite industry in the Philippines. I started using zeolite (imported) in aquaculture in Negros in 1986 with very good results. Since then, I ventured to its other uses. Thanks, and God bless!
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Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumino Silicate (also known as Zeolite) formed million years ago. It is a vulcanic rock. There are many types of zeolites but only two types can be used for agriculture or for incorporation of the feeds namely MORDENITE and CLINOPTILLOLITE. Only these two kinds of zeolite has the standard porosity ranging from 3- 8 amstrong. It does not bind Vitamins and minerals. The sma ...
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