Article published the August 7, 2020
1. Introduction Members of the Aspergillus spp., among many other toxigenic fungi, have been found to have a strong ecological link with human food supplies [1]. They are often associated with food and animal feed during drying and storage but may also occur as plant pathogens. Black aspergilli, Aspergillus classified into the section Nigri [2], have been isolated from a wide variety of foo ...
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Article published the September 9, 2016
Background Aquatic products represent an important food source for animal and human consumption, the rising demand of which had led to a fast development of aquaculture (Myhr and Dalmo 2005). The primary objective in fish nutrition is to provide a nutritionally balanced mixture of ingredients as finished feed to support the maintenance, growth, reproductive performance, flesh quality, and he ...
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Article published the August 9, 2016
Introduction Mycotoxins are a group of structurally diverse secondary fungal metabolites that occur as grain contaminants. They can cause serious problems in livestock resulting in substantial economic losses (Huwig et al. 2001). Two of the most common mycotoxins found in animal feed, aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and zearalenone (ZEA), cause food- and feed-borne intoxications called mycotoxicoses (CAST 2 ...
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Article published the July 20, 2016
Originally published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology Introduction Silage consists in green forage preserved by spontaneous lactic fermentation under anaerobic conditions (Miller 2001). The primary purpose of making silage is to maximize the preservation of original nutrients in the forage crop with minimum losses in the nutritional quality that allows its use as fodder during periods of f ...
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