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Choline- chemically known as 2-hydroxyethyl-trimethyl ammonium hydroxide andis referred as vitamin B4. It has recently been claimed as a rediscovered vitamin & performance promoter in poultry. The role of choline in the prevention of conditions suchas perosis and liver enlargement in chicks is already well known. Choline wasfirst isolated from ox bile ("chole" in Greek) in 1849. Its nutritional im ...
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Infertility: Male or Female Problem?It could be both. However, if an egg is laid, the "potential" fertility is always there. Males, may be or may become "impotent". Causes of Infertility:In females mostly due to over-feeding and obesity. In males mostly due to over-feeding and under-feeding. If a hen produces an egg, infertility may be due simply to absence of semen in oviduct.Infec ...
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Introduction The genetic make up of a layer variety determines its range of possible performance results. Within this genetically defined range, we can alter the production characteristics through our management systems to optimize these traits which are most profitable for our market. Based on International market levels eggs are sold on the basis of egg size. Much preference is given to egg size ...
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Very interesting experiment that really mimic the real situation on practical conditions. My question is a simple one: How to explain the good hatchability on backyard chickens where the eggs remain on environmental temperature for 10 - 12 days? Besides this fact remember that, in a cycle of 10 eggs laid, except the last one, all the others suffer everyday short heating (above 100 F) at least for ...
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