Article published the December 30, 2019
The family of ochratoxins consists of three members known as ochratoxin A, ochratoxin B and ochratoxin C. They are the second major group of mycotoxins to be characterized after the discovery of aflatoxins. Structurally, the three toxins differ only very slightly from each other; however, these differences have marked effects on their respective toxic potentials, with ochratoxin A being the most t ...
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Article published the July 30, 2019
INTRODUCTION Aflatoxin is the common name for a group of chemically related compounds (Moss, 1996) produced by certain strains of Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus in the feedstuffs as poisonous secondary metabolites. Aflatoxins are stable once formed in grain and are not degraded during normal milling and storage process (Brown, 1996) and have been demonstrated to be carcinogenic, mutagenic ...
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Article published the February 28, 2019
INTRODUCTION Feed is the major input in poultry production. Supply of high quality feed is must to obtain optimum performance. Presence of mycotoxins in feed is one of the major constraints in maintain feed quality because the mycotoxins are widely present in feedstuffs around the world and may affect production even in very low concentration. The most widespread and in most studied group of myco ...
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