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Branko Stuburic Dear Branko, thank you for contacting us! For more information please contact our colleague responsible for Croatian market:
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Dear Sirs from PATENT CO company? What are your sources for vitamins, micro-macro minerals, amino acids and other premixture components? Probably from China and other Far East countries? What is the warranty for acceptable quality these sources which request EU? Do you have acceptable QC-QA-RA documentation about it? Do you have adequate permission for premixture export in EU, for example in Croat ...
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Alma Grba Dear Alma GrbaMany thanks for your prompt reply and advice for sure I will send him an email as per your advice for further mutual benefits between our companies and any business opportunities.Thanks & Regards,Dr.Adil Osman Ahmed MinniAgri Bulk Trade Co.Ltd(ABT)Saudi Arabi/Riyadh
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Perfect great looking ahead to see your product in Africa and Middle east and we are ready to do business with your esteemed company in this area.Thanks & Regards,Adil.
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6/20/2018 - Netherlands
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Dear Sir, thank you for contacting us! For more information please contact colleagues: or
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Dr.Adil Osman Ahmed Minni Hello Dr Adil. Please contact my colleague Mr. Nemanja Todorovic for further details. You can contact him on mail address a nice day,Regards.
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  Click here to enlarge the image   The aim of the corn survey 2017 was to screen corn samples received from Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina during August to November 2017. The samples were analysed by UHPLC-based multi-mycotoxin method for the determination and quantitation of all mycotoxins (Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2, Ochratoxin A, Zearalenone, Deoxynivalenol, Fumonisin B1&am ...
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Dear Wanda, please be informed that we will present this work at World mycotoxins forum conference next year.
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