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Dear Narayan Banik, Thank you for your question! Of course, you could administer the vaccine either by intramuscular or subcutaneous routes. Bacterins containing adjuvant of aluminium hydroxide may be indistinctly administered by both routes and bacterins containing oils should preferably be injected by intramuscular route. Remember that the term bacterin applies to vaccines that contain both Pas ...
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Dear Dr. Anil Phadke, Thank you very much for sharing your experiences in this disease! In Argentina Fowl Cholera is mainly found in broiler breeders. To my knowledge this disease is uncommon in our industrial broiler farms due to modern buildings and good management and hygienic practices, plus a short span of productive life of present broiler genetic lines. On the other hand we are free from v ...
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interessente exposition je voudrais savoir si sa serait les memes lesions chez le poulet de chair et dindoneaux chair et si le milieu gelose columbia au sang de bovin defibriner est un milieu selectif pour pasterella multocida un prelevement sur le foie ou le poumon ne peut pas preter confusion avec une E.coli concomitante MERCI
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