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Bachler of vetrinary medicine 1998
Cow medicine,surgery,delivary and postnatal care,vaccination,artificialinsemination,management especially holestin breeds
Bachler of vetrinary medicine 1998
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 Milk quality is considered a welfare issue. Most dairy cooperatives have established quality-based payment programs to provide incentives to improve milk quality (Botaro et al. 2013). Total bacterial count, somatic cell count (SCC), and milk lipid and protein contents are some measurements that either result in the application of a penalty or in the receipt of a premium (Renau 2001). These p ...
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Background Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) is a slow-growing bacterium that causes Johne’s disease, a wasting disease in ruminants and other animals. A common test for Johne’s disease is the serum antibody ELISA test which monitors the humoral immune response of the animal following MAP exposure. However there are well known limitations of this test, for example the s ...
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Before this study we use tannins as astringant in animals suffering from diarrhea and it give agood results witout knowing its effect on rumen but know I know its effect in improving microbial enviroment in rumen its good study
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