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Antibiotic sensitivity is best choice ..don't make just experiments ..
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Apart from all the measures provided by my fellow members, it should also be in noticed that the behaviour of vent picking spreads like a contagious disease. Also Blood makes the bird attract and encourage the behaviour. Immediate isolation is recommended, once such behaviour or blood or protrusion etc. are observed in the herd.White birds are more susceptible. Control is the best way to minimize ...
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Dear Doctor, You have not clarified that your problem is of intestinal coccidiosis or of cecal coccidiosis. Considering the infestation related to any Eimeria species i wish to share the below facts: Treatment: 1) Eimeria species cycle is of 7-8 days so while treating the infested flock your drug of choice & line of treatment should be perfect. i.e. if its a intestinal infestation please go ...
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The breeder females are finally graded in to at least three grades by 21/22 weeks. The heavier grade females mature earlier. Hence it is better we put heavier weight males with heavier females. Heavier males also will mature early and it helps in getting fertile eggs in time.
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Introduction Bromhexine and its main metabolite, ambroxol, (trans-4-[(2-amino-3.5-dibromobenzil) amino] cyclohexanol hydrochloride) have been widely used therapeutically in the treatment of lung diseases because of their mucolytic properties, as well as their ability to stimulate the release of surfactants substances, standardize the production of mucus and facilitate expectoration. Recent studie ...
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Every body is trying to control the diseases with synthetic drugs and with antibiotics which cause the problem to the end user. and costly affair .Why you are all not trying with Herbal like Kirathiktha ,Tippa tega and Bhumyamlaki ,Aromatic oils like Clove oil,Eucalyptus oil, Natural C vitamin like Indian Gooseberry, Bakuchi seeds which develope immune system , effective in liver functioning and ...
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Reason for Black leg in female birds. Why?
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vaccination and biosecurity play any important role in poultry production.If you vaccinate birds that are in a contaminated envroment it will useless as this will increase your mortality and poor performance of the whole flock leading to stunted growth and low returns in your enterprise.Before vaccination make sure you are vaccinating health flock and correct vaccine and correct age of vaccination ...
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leg weakness in cobb broiler reasons 1. genetics to meet out fast growth 2. femoral head necrosis because of e.coli contamination 3. tibial dyschondroplasia
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