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Will there be a possibility to attend the meeting online ?
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Please be aware that this product is ecotoxic - its eco-toxicity is said to be week in the material safety data sheet, but in the end it is the amount and duration of application that counts. It should not be used to compensate a bad management in terms of bad sanitary conditions in animal housings.
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I dont know about the particle size in alfalfa pellets, but I share your worry on rumen health and I want to add concern about the suitability of this product for ruminants if you use it to replace hay in the ration. This could be a health and welfare problem in cows. Why continue to move away from rations which anyway may be close to the limits of being appropriate to the species (even for dairy ...
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I wonder what are the basics for the European Food Safety Authorities positive scientific decision to declare a GM soybean product for safe as food and feed? Are there any longterm studies to demonstrate that there is no impact on animal and human health and, overall, to the feed production of those aiming to stay free of genetically modifying technologies and products?
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