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Serge Passat
Engineer Oceanographer
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems for prawn
Engineer Oceanographer
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Engineer Oceanographer
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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems for prawn
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Engineer – Oceanographer, the author of a patent for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems . The trade mark is registered. Trained in Ecvador of technology of cultivation of marine shrimp Vanammey.
Given the tolerance of Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, to low water salinity levels (positive experience of growing in Thailand, the US and China), we developed a scheme for the commercial cultivation of shrimp in water with low salinity. This approach opens up new prospects for providing FRESH marine shrimp cities of millionaires located far from the seas and oceans. We emphasize the premium segment of seafood in which the price and quality of products is important.
Maintaining ideal physicochemical parameters of water in controlled water recycling systems and balanced feeding provides the opportunity to grow sea shrimp to an average weight of 20 grams for 120-150 days. And the developed technology allows you to start selling, so-called, "beer" shrimp hinge 10-12 grams already after a period of three months. Next, every week there is a sorting of shrimp followed by sale.
Paraphrasing Archimedes - I will say let us heat (27-29 degrees) and we will grow shrimp))
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Odessa, Odes'ka Oblast', Ukraine
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Location:Odessa, Odes'ka Oblast', Ukraine
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Professional Title: Engineer Oceanographer
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