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Prevention is always better than cure: A good milking routine and hygiene will always be the best alternative.
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The greatest and best virtue of alfalfa is the quality of its fiber, the same that is lost by the pelletizing and / or grinding process as it is intended to be used in some places.
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Forum friends: The best control of mastitis is to avoid or control in the best way the spread and/or contagion of them and not through the treatments, as well as avoiding the presentation of environmental mastitis through correct hygiene measures. By curing, however efficient the treatments are, the advance against the disease will be minimal. Fraternal greetings from the north of Peru. Raul.
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Amigos del Foro : Les pido disculpas por expresarme en castellano en un foro de habla inglesa, pero creo que tengo bastante experirencia en tratamiento de vacs con acidosis ruminal que deseo compartrlo con Uds. Para aquellos que no conocen el castellano les suguiero traducrçirlo en work , que aunque no es muy literal la traduccion si es facil de entender. Mi programa para las acidosis ruminales ...
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