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Participation in Forum on August 9, 2017
Since I started formulating my own feeds, I have observed that the leg problem I was experiencing with the broilers has reduced. I use DCP 18%. I use 2.5kg DCP to 490kg feed. The experts can advise as to whether this is the collect amount I use. Thanks for the educative article. Gedion Mutambo, Broiler Farmer.
Participation in Forum on November 13, 2015
Very challenging article. I have started to redesign my poultry shade to increase on ventilation vis-a-vis stocking density. Thanks very much for enlighting me on stressors. Gedion Mutambo Kitwe, Zambia
Participation in Forum on November 11, 2015
Very informative topic. Am a small scale poultry farmer keeping broilers. Ever since I started formulating my own feeds, I've a peace of mind. The prices of stockfeeds keeps increasing literally every day. I want to start enjoying the economies of scale. By December this year 2015, I should reach a target of 1000 broilers. Once again thanks very much for the article. Gedion Mutambo Kitwe, Zambia
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July 25, 2015
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