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ASF ASF is the most deadly pig virus. ASF is also the most costly virus There is no vaccine for ASF. If you get ASF the following will happening 1. quarantine zone will be made from the government, which mean no transport of pigs/ feed and other goods for pigs/ limitation in farm workers moving around 2. All the pigs will be killed and either burnt or buried. 3. The farm will be washed down, this ...
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Ulcer Feeding structure and good stomach health in the sows Structure in the sow feed is important for the sake of stomach health.Lack of structure in the feed causes changes in the stomach and in the worst case, this can lead to deaths by the sows.1. Feeding strategy against gastric ulcer* gilts : Restrictive feeding produces fewer ulcers than ad libitum feeding with pelleted feed* Pregnant sows: ...
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Ear ulcers are caused by too little protein in the feed But after we got optimize our feed, 80 percent of ear wounds and tail bites disappeared. It certainly has something to do with too little protein in the feed. " So try to optimize your feed for the group of pigs where you have the problems . But there can also be other factors who corse the ear wounds.
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Annoying. This is how Ib Nielsen and his four employees briefly describe the ear wounds that until recently hit many pigs after weaning. "We saw the first ear wounds a week after weaning," he says. There were usually one or two pigs with ear wounds per year. path. There were no antibiotics that worked, but extra straw was always provided as a dispersion for pigs in pathways with ear ulcers, just a ...
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